Back in the day, electronics came out or were upgraded every few years. In today’s world, it seems like cutting-edge technology is coming out every other day. The newest models drop before we even have time to become properly acquainted with the electronics we already have. Individuals and companies can go through electronics faster than they go through a ream of printer paper. This means that you probably have a lot of unused electronics taking up a significant portion of your property. In today’s blog, Fulton Metals Recycling, the best electronic recycling center in Atlanta, will go over some of the electronic recycling that we can accept.

Computer and Laptop Recycling

When desktop computers were first beginning to make their way into the professional world, companies would keep the same unit for several years. Even when new models would come out, companies would keep their original desktop computers. Nowadays, computers need to be changed out every two years or so in order to keep businesses operating as quickly as possible with new operating systems and added storage space.

New laptops are introduced almost every year with new features like fingerprint readers, cloud-based memory, lighting-fast processors, and more. If you’re the kind of person who always needs to have the newest laptop on the market, then chances are you might have quite the collection of older laptops at your company or home. Here at Fulton Metals Recycling, we accept all kinds of desktops and laptops for electronic recycling, no matter how old or new they are.

Business Phone and Cell Phone Recycling

In the last 20 years, cell phones have become some of the most commonly produced and used items in the world. Some businesses only use cell phones in order to conduct their daily commerce, while some individuals rely on their cell phone for things like navigation, credit card storage, entertainment, and much more every second of the day. The latest cell phones come out every year, and people are happy to abandon their current model for the latest and greatest thing.

Business phones have also come a long way in the past few decades. With new features like conference calling, cloud-based memory, call waiting, and more, it makes sense that companies would want to get the latest and greatest models to help optimize their business. Because new business phone models are coming out nearly as quickly as cell phones, there can be a lot of technology turnover in the business world as well. Fulton Metals Recycling, your local Atlanta electronic recycling center, accepts all kinds of cell phones and business phones. We can take a single phone off of your hands or large collections of e-waste.

Copier and Printer Recycling

In the business world, a hardworking copier and printer combo can help take your business far. However, as these machines age, sometimes you need to replace them with even better models in order to keep your business firing on all cylinders. Personal copier and printer units also need to be replaced every so often, and finding a place to store your old unit at your home can be a hard thing to do if you have an older, bigger model. Fulton Metals Recycling accepts all kinds of professional and personal printer and copier recycling in Atlanta. Bring your old copier or printer into our e-waste recycling center to make room for new models or get extra space for other appliances.

Other electronic recycling we accept:

  • Hard drives
  • CD/DVD roms
  • CPUs
  • Circuit boards
  • Power supplies
  • Network equipment
  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • DVRs
  • And more!

Here at Fulton Metals Recycling, we’ll gladly accept all kinds of electronic recycling. From old cell phones to brand new desktop computers, we can take your e-waste off your hands. The best part is, Fulton Metals Recycling will pay you for your electronic recycling. We offer some of the best prices for e-waste and electronic recycling in Atlanta. Some factors will determine how much you get back for your e-recycling, but we always offer the most competitive electronic recycling prices around.

Learn more about our electronic recycling services, get to know our Atlanta electronic recycling center better, or contact Fulton Metals Recycling to set up an appointment to see how much your electronic recycling is worth.

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