‘Tis the season to be jolly! It’s that time of the year again. You and your family open up your Clark Griswold sized stash of Christmas lights and spend countless hours untangling them, only to find out that half of the strands don’t work! That’ll put a damper on getting your house and yard lit up for the holidays! 

So now what? Do you try and find which bulb has blown? Do you call it quits and go and purchase new lights? Or are you that person who buys new lights every year and tosses out their old ones? With the amount of plastic that’s polluting our environment, we should really be more responsible with our disposal of it.

Would you believe it if we told you there was a place where you could get paid to get rid of your scrap Christmas lights? Rejoice! One of the closest places that buy your old lights could be near you! At Fulton Metals Recycling in Georgia, we buy those old Christmas lights and large quantities of anything made of metal. 

Why Christmas Lights? 

Christmas lights first made their appearance near the late 19th century shortly after Thomas Edison created the light bulb. Their place at Christmas and other occasions have grown in popularity over the years. However, not much has changed in the fabrication of Christmas lights (except the price). 

While the basic components of Christmas lights have not changed, manufacturers have worked over the last century to make the wiring safer, due to them causing many house fires. The bulbs have undergone some changes too. Despite our progress in technology today, most Christmas lights are still made of the same key components – metal, copper wire, plastic tubing, and glass. All of these materials can be recycled. 

What Happens to your Recycled Christmas Lights 

There are many ways your recycling helps our planet. If you’re wondering how, read on. For one, it keeps those Christmas lights out of the landfill! The next generation will thank you and me later! 

The copper is the most valuable component of a strand of Christmas lights, and recycling copper means less harvesting of this ore, which causes habitat destruction and pollution. Fun fact: almost all of the work to separate these components occurs in Shijao, China, the Christmas light recycling capital of the world. The copper will be reused in electronics or for new wires or pipes. The plastic is recycled and can be used for soles of shoes and much more.  

Where Can I Take My Old Christmas Lights For Disposal or Recycling? 

Are you searching for a company near you where you can take and sell your old Christmas lights? Look no further than Fulton Metal Recycling Center. We are buyers of all things metal! 

We are paying top dollar for those pesky old Christmas lights you want to get rid of. If you live in the Atlanta, GA metro area, search for a branch nearest to you. The prices we pay depend on that day’s exchange rates, quantity, and cleanliness of the material. Remember, we are buying up all things metal (any type) and items made from metal.

Don’t wait! If you need more information on recycling your lights, give us a call today!