Our company seeks to provide scrap metal recycling solutions, but we also buy electronics. We purchase non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metal, including copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and more. We also recycle car batteries, radiators, rims, beverage cans, copper and aluminum wire, catalytic converters, A/C units, appliances, and more. And we pay our clients instantly. Generally, our company buys anything that is made of metal.

Scrap metal pick up can be problematic for various reasons. Partnering with Fulton Metals Recycling will make your work easy. We offer transportation for different amounts of scrap metals ranging from big industrial containers to household clearings. When it comes to industrial recycling services, we provide all sizes of roll-off containers to our clients, and normally, it takes a few hours for a dumpster to arrive to your working site. When buying up scrap metals, we ensure that our clients’ businesses remain eco-friendly while saving money on waste management costs.

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