One thing scrap metal is –  versatile. From manufacturing aircraft to the detoxification of industrial waste water, there are very few limitations on what and how we can repurpose scrap metal recycling. One thing scrap metal is not, however, is easy to transport. If you need it or need to get rid of it, moving scrap metal can be a process.

Scrap metal recycling transportation can be very difficult, that’s true. Unless you partner with Fulton Metals Recycling. We specialize in the containerized shipment of all grades of scrap metal from Georgia to destinations throughout the United States and the world. We can also help with import documentation requirements and arranging deliveries to final destinations. In fact, we have a dedicated team that manages the supply chains of many of Georgia’s companies.

FMR utilizes a wide range of ground transportation methods, including:

  • Roll-off trucks
  • Closed vans
  • Box trucks
  • Flatbeds
  • High and low-sided trucks
  • Drop-deck trucks
  • Open-top trucks

With more than 30 years of experience, we’ve created processes for transporting scrap metals quickly and efficiently. When you partner with us, we handle the logistics, the details, and the headaches. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Fulton Metals Recycling today. Learn more about our commercial metal recycling, such as electronic recycling, scrap metal recycling, Scrap Cube® Program, and more!