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Electronics are a staple in today’s world. Without electronics, most companies all around the world wouldn’t be able to operate properly and people wouldn’t know what to do with themselves anymore. Electronics and technology is constantly being updated with newer better versions coming out every single year. If you’re a company with a lot of electronics, or you’re someone who likes to have the newest piece of technology no matter what, chances are you have a lot of unused electronics laying around your property. If you’re looking for the best electronic recycling in Atlanta, then look no further than Fulton Metals Recycling.

Here at North Fulton, we offer some of the best electronic recycling prices in Atlanta and the country. That’s right, bring in your unused or unwanted electronics to our Atlanta scrap yard and you’ll get paid to get rid of your e-waste. We have some of the most competitive prices for your electronic recycling that you’ll find anywhere in the country. Our electronic recycling center accepts all kinds of e-waste from laptops to DVRs. Don’t just throw your unused or unwanted electronics away, bring them into your local Atlanta scrap yard and get paid for your electronic recycling.

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Learn more about our Atlanta electronic recycling, or contact Fulton Metals Recycling to schedule an appointment at our Atlanta scrap yard today. We also offer scrap metal recycling for people and companies all over the Atlanta area. We accept copper recycling, aluminum recycling, steel recycling, iron recycling, and much more!

We Buy:

  • Computers & Parts
  • Mobile Devices
  • Data Center Equipment
  • Home Appliances
  • Entertainment Equipment
  • Lab & Medical Equipment

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Electronic Recycling Services

On top of offering the best electronic recycling prices in Atlanta, Fulton Metals Recycling also offers world-class electronic recycling services. We can provide logistical services, such as collection, storage, and transportation of electronics. Here at Fulton Metals Recycling, we’re dedicated to helping businesses, the local economy, and the environment by offering the best electronics recycling in Atlanta. If you’re looking to get paid for recycling electronics, or you just want to finally get rid of that pile of unused technology on your property, bring your e-waste and scrap electronic recycling into Fulton Metals Recycling today.

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  • IT Asset Disposition
  • Decommissioning
  • Data Destruction
  • Site Clean-Ups
  • Transportation

We offer free pick-up services in and around the Atlanta area for companies or individuals with larger quantities of e-waste and electronic recycling. We also offer the best scrap metal recycling in Atlanta! Learn more about our Atlanta scrap metal recycling center, or contact Fulton Metals Recycling to answer any questions and to schedule a free estimate today.

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