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Looking to get rid of your unwanted zinc, scrap metal, or e-waste in Atlanta? Then Fulton Metals Recycling is the perfect place for you. We are buying up all kinds of scrap metals, and we do brass recycling, copper recycling, and zinc recycling. We also pay you for your unwanted scrap metal as well as your electronic recycling in Atlanta. Contact Fulton Metals Recycling to learn more.

Why Choose Zinc Recycling From Fulton Metals Recycling?

  • We accept all kinds of scrap metal recycling
  • E-waste and electronic recycling center
  • Get paid for your ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Best scrap metal prices in Atlanta
  • Industrial recycling and commercial recycling accepted
  • Top-rated Atlanta scrap yard
  • And more!

Go to the best scrap yard in Atlanta here at Fulton Metals

Fulton Metals Recycling offers the best scrap metal recycling and electronic recycling in Atlanta. Get top-dollar for all of your ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling as well as your e-waste recycling. Here at Fulton Metals, we accept all kinds of metal recycling, and we offer competitive prices for all of your scrap metal and e-waste. Keep scrolling to learn more about the metal recycling we accept, or contact Fulton Metals.

Zinc Recycling

You may not know it, but you probably have your fair share of zinc in your home or your work site that you can recycle. Things like nuts and bolts, jewelry, toys, alkaline and zinc-carbon batteries, organ pipes, and more all contain zinc. Get paid for your zinc recycling here at Fulton Metals.

Electronic Recycling

Tired of all those gaming systems, old computers, broken telephones, and other electronics cluttering your home or business? Fulton Metals Recycling offers some of the best electronic recycling prices in Atlanta. Give us a direct visit and bring your unused and unwanted electronics in to see how much you can get per pound.

Copper Recycling

Pipes, tubs, cups, wiring, and more are all made out of copper. If you have a bunch of copper you don’t want anymore, or copper that is getting in the way of your work and daily routine, then bring it into the best scrap yard in Atlanta at Fulton Metals and get paid for your copper recycling.

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Looking for someone who regularly buys unwanted zinc, electronic recycling, or unused ferrous and non-ferrous metals that you have no use for? Want to know what is the current price for all of your unusable scrap metal? Contact our experienced buyers at Fulton Metals Recycling today!


Where can I sell my zinc near me?

Fulton Metals disposal centers are located in the Atlanta, Georgia (GA) metro area, Alpharetta, College Park, and Lithonia. Feel free to visit us at whichever center is more suitable for you. Come and drop off your zinc waste at one of our centers where we will be paying you one of the most competitive exchange rates in the area for your scrap metal.