How to Get Rid of Old Microwaves

Fed up with that broken microwave cluttering up your garage? Got one that’s on the fritz but don’t know who buys old e-waste? Or do you want to buy a new microwave but don’t know how to get rid of your old one? Broken appliances can really take up space in your home, but metal disposal companies like us can help!

You can’t leave microwaves out with the rest of your trash, so it can be hard to know where to take them for recycling. They’re bulky, and some of their components can be bad for the environment, so it can seem like a real hassle to dispose of them. You might be wondering, “Well, what do I do with it?” You can actually sell your old electrical appliances. Don’t just take it to a scrap yard near you – read on to find out how we recycle large quantities of metals at Fulton Metals Recycling company.

How do Microwaves Work?

Microwaves heat through the power of invisible electromagnetic waves that are also called microwaves. These waves give energy to the water molecules in your food and make them vibrate and heat up to cook your food. This cool invention has saved us countless hours in the kitchen!

Like many great scientific discoveries, microwave energy was discovered by accident by Percy Spencer, an inventor from Maine. While working with a radar, he found that the chocolate bar in his pocket started to melt as the waves warmed it.

Have you ever enjoyed microwaved popcorn? Popcorn has a proud claim to fame to be the first food ever deliberately cooked in a microwave. The second one was an egg, but don’t try that at home as it exploded in the scientist’s face!

How to Recycle Microwaves

It’s not just the case of a microwave that’s made of metal – many interesting components inside your microwave can also be recycled. Inside the microwave, there’s a transformer with a core of ferrous metal with copper coils – that’s the part that makes a microwave so heavy. There’s lots of copper wiring to be recycled inside, along with the motor’s iron magnets and the magnetron, right down to the control panel’s electronics.

Where is the Closest Place for Me to Recycle my Microwave?

Want to sell your old microwave at a metal recycling center that’s open today? Your nearest metal buyers may be closer than you think, at Fulton Metals Recycling in Atlanta, GA! We have three recycling places, so it’s easy to find metal buyers in Georgia near you.

What really makes our service special is our competitive prices and friendly service. How much we pay for your goods depends on the day’s exchange rates, quantity, and cleanliness of the materials. So for the best price, give your microwave a quick scrub before you hand it over. Our helpful staff is ready to provide immediate pricing for most common items, so you can easily find out how much we are paying for your electrical waste.

So give us a call today and find out how much you could get from us buying up your metal and electronic waste!