Recycling Kitchen Sinks at Fulton Metals

Have you recently completed a kitchen remodel and have no clue what to do with an old metal sink? Are you a contractor with lots of sinks to get rid of lying around at inconvenient places? Don’t be like most people and dump them in a scrap yard. Instead, bring them to Fulton Metals, where you can get paid for those sinks, and they can be recycled.

About Fulton Metals

Fulton Metals is a US-based full-service recycling center in the Atlanta, GA metro area. We mostly deal with large-scale metal recycling, particularly from demolition and building sites. We are open to plumbers, contractors, demolition companies, and more. We recycle pipe and other plumbing fixtures, electrical components, HVAC materials, IT and telecom items, and waste from manufacturing and metal fabricating.

You might be asking, “What about me? Can I recycle my metal too as a homeowner?” and the answer is yes! We also offer a residential and household waste recycling program, which includes appliance repurposing.

Why Recycle Kitchen Sinks?

The easiest answer to why recycling kitchen sinks is a good idea is the universal one: it’s good for the environment. But how, exactly? Well, first, a little primer on metals. There are two kinds of scrap, nonferrous and ferrous. Nonferrous metals, like lead, copper, nickel, and tin, have no iron. These materials retain their composition during the recycling process. Ferrous metals contain iron, and iron and steel are the most recycled materials in the world. 

Almost 70% of steel, or more than 80 million tons, is repurposed every year in the US. Every ton of steel that gets recycled preserves 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal, and 120 pounds of limestone. This serves to reduce the chemicals produced by the mining and extraction process. Using recycled iron and steel reduces near to 50% of carbon dioxide emissions alone.

Where Can I Take My Sinks Near Me?

Fulton Metals has three locations in the Atlanta, Georgia (GA) metro area, Alpharetta, College Park, and Lithonia. Feel free to visit us at whichever location is more suitable for you. Both facilities are open six days a week for buying up your scrap metal. We have a well-staffed help desk to answer any questions that you have and get you started. Choose whichever place is closest to you and contact us today to start trading your scrap.

How to Recycle With Fulton Metals

When you’re ready to recycle your metal kitchen sinks, our staff will ask you how much material you want to sell and the items’ general condition. We buy and recycle in bulk. Like most buyers, we base prices on the daily exchange rates, which vary from one day to another. We also take into account the cleanliness of the items for disposal. Like every company that buys metal for recycling, we offer competitive pay. Usually, we’ll be able to give you a quote right over the phone for the most commonly accepted materials. If an over-the-phone description isn’t enough, we may ask that you send us pictures to provide you with an accurate quote. In that case, communication will happen via email or text.

For more information or help with the recycling process, contact your nearest Fulton Metals location. Our expert customer service representatives at our help desks will gladly assist you with all your metal recycling needs.