Fulton Metals recycles old appliances and scrap metals in Atlanta

After awhile, old electronics and scrap metal can make it difficult and dangerous to move around your business, construction site, or home. Keep reading to see what kind of recycling we accept here at Fulton Metals, or contact us today to get more information about our scrap metal recycling services.

Electronic Recycling

Have old office phones you don’t use anymore, or a broken refrigerator taking up space in your garage? Get money for your e-waste recycling at Fulton Metals Recycling

Ferrous Metal Recycling

Recycle your ferrous metals, like cast iron and steel, and get paid to declutter your home, office, or work site. Bring your ferrous metals to our Atlanta recycling center today.

Non-Ferrous Recycling

Aluminum, copper, tin, and precious metals like gold and silver are all accepted here at Fulton Metals Recycling. Recycle all types of non-ferrous metals at our Atlanta scrap metal recycling center today.

Call today and get a free estimate

Have a lot of scrap metal or electronic recycling you need to get rid of? Contact the experts at at Fulton Metals Recycling to get a free estimate for your recycling today.

How much can I expect for my drop-off?

The price for your metal might vary depending on the current exchange rates, quantity and purity of the metal. Contact us via email, fax or our phone number to inquire on a direct price per pound.

Do not throw your metal waste away, sell it to us for disposal

Why would you throw something that you can get paid for away? We will not only collect your aluminum waste, we are also going to pay you for it. So if you have a large amount of old unusable appliances or a huge quantity of aluminum waste, and you are looking for someone who buys them, we are willing to be paying you for your waste. 

Where can I get rid of my aluminum waste near me?

We have three locations in the Atlanta, Georgia (GA) metro area, Alpharetta, College Park, and Lithonia. Feel free to visit us at whichever location is more suitable for you.