Tips For Businesses

To help reduce your company’s risk of metal theft:

  • Secure all equipment in locked buildings or well-lit areas protected by fencing or a perimeter security system
  • Post “No Trespassing” signs around the property, and/or signs indicating the presence of a surveillance or security system
  • Secure buildings with deadbolts, and door and window locks
  • Trim or remove landscaping that allows criminals to hide from view
  • Eliminate items that allow easy access to buildings and roofs, such as trees, ladders, scaffolding, dumpsters and pallet piles
  • Install a security camera with video recorder and keep recordings for a sufficient period
  • Don’t receive supplies earlier than needed
  • Make sure someone is present when supplies are delivered at a job site so they can be immediately secured
  • Mark metals with your company’s name using paint, hard-to-remove decals, or engraving
  • Create a master list of all of your equipment and bulk metal, and include pictures and serial numbers if present
  • Make sure you have adequate insurance to cover metal theft

Tips For Homeowners

Metal theft is likely to continue to rise, as thieves see it as an easy way to get quick money.
These tips can help protect you against theft:

  • Mark metals with your name using paint, hard-to-remove decals, or engraving
  • Keep items out of sight, locked up, or securely stored when not in use
  • Invest in fencing, locks and chains, or a storage unit
  • Clearly mark private property with “No Trespassing” signs
  • Be selective about who you let onto your property
  • Let trusted neighbors know if you plan on taking long trips out of town
  • Don’t park or store vehicles in the same spot for too long
  • Use car alarms or other theft deterrents
  • Never keep the Title of a motor vehicle in the vehicle
  • Report suspicious people and/or vehicles to law enforcement
  • Write down serial numbers on all personal property if available

If a metal theft does occur, call the police immediately so that local recyclers and scrap dealers can be alerted. Don’t disturb the crime scene as the evidence (tire tracks, shoe marks, fingerprints, etc.) could be used to help prosecute the thieves if they are caught. For more information on theft prevention, visit or