Bathtub Recycling at Fulton Metals Recycling

You’ve finally decided to remodel your bathroom. Everything gets replaced: tiles, vanities, fixtures, and the big one, the bathtub. While your local disposal service will take care of most of the waste, what do you do with an almost 300-pound bathtub? Most places today have regulations in place that cover the disposal of large and bulky items like bathtubs, but these are quite straightforward and don’t need a lot of effort from you.

Bathtubs are made of various material types, and how you dispose of your bathtub will depend on the material. While bathtubs can be made of various materials, the most common are fiberglass, acrylic, porcelain, cast iron, steel, and copper.

While paying the local landfill closest to you to dispose of your old tub is a quick solution, it’s bad for the environment and costs you money. Why not make some cash by selling your old bathtub to a scrap yard or recycling center? Except for fiberglass, which requires specialized treatment, all the other materials used to make bathtubs are recyclable, and there is a ready market with many willing buyers.

Where Can I Sell My Old Metal Bathtub?

Fulton Metals Recycling is a leading waste disposal and recycling company based in Atlanta, GA. We offer large-scale full-service waste and scrap haulage, disposal, and recycling solutions for individuals and businesses within Georgia and beyond. From plumbing fixtures, electronic and electrical components, metal shavings, pipes, and conduits, we’re always buying up all-metal, ferrous and nonferrous.

How Much Do You Pay for Scrap?

Our scrap prices are among the best in the industry. Various factors determine the price of scrap, and these are the same for all recycling companies. The most critical factor is the metal exchange rate, and this varies daily. The type, cleanliness, and quantity of the scrap materials also influence how we buy scrap for recycling.

How Do I Get the Best Price for My Bathtub?

As far as fixtures go, bathtubs are expensive. If your bathtub is in good condition, you may get more for it on the second-hand market. If you’re scraping or recycling your bathtub, you will get more if you remove any pipes or fixtures that may be attached to it. Most fittings are made of copper or brass, and these are worth more when sold separately. As a rule, scrap gets better prices when it’s clean, so make sure to clean up your bathtub.

Where is Your Nearest Location to Me?

We have three recycling centers in Atlanta – the first location is off Roosevelt Highway in College Park, the second is in Alpharetta, GA, on Hembree Road near Roswell Recycling Centre and the third is in Lithonia on Randall Road. We’re open six days a week, scrapping and buying up metal Monday through Saturday. We do make pickups for domestic clients at a place of your convenience. For industrial and bulk recycling needs, we have roll-off containers that can be at your location within hours.

To get rid of your bathtub, contact our center that’s closest to you, or give us a call. Though no one buys scrap through the phone, our expert agents can quickly provide you with information about our prices. For a more precise quotation, please send us more details and pictures of your scrap. Contact us today, and let’s find solutions to your scrap and recycling needs.