Washer Recycling at Fulton Metals

Fulton Metals Recycling is a professional, full-service recycling center serving Georgia businesses and residents. We specialize in getting rid of unwanted materials by recycling scrap metal and electronics. Located conveniently in Atlanta, GA, Fulton Metals is dedicated to creating a more eco-friendly environment. We offer residential, commercial, and industrial scrap metal recycling. For those interested in industrial recycling, we can provide roll-off containers. We conveniently offer these containers in all sizes.

Fulton Metals Recycling works with a wide variety of metals. To name a few, we will accept brass, iron, aluminum, copper, electronics, and steel. Pretty much, our company will purchase anything that is made out of metal for your disposal!

For those who have a scrap yard, we are a great place to sell excess items. We would love to speak with you to see what we can buy.

Where Do I Sell My Old Washer?

We often find ourselves with old or unwanted appliances. Where do they end up? Typically, out near the curb for bulk trash pick up. Some may not realize it, but it would be much more useful to recycle these parts. Companies are now paying to do just that. Many appliances contain harmful chemicals that damage our environment. This leads to problems with groundwater and can cause harm to animals. Additionally, most of the materials used when manufacturing appliances are difficult to make or mine.

When you recycle appliances, these materials can be reused. This lessens the strain on the environment and manufacturing chain. So, when you decide to recycle your old washer, you are doing your part to “go green.” The more material we can use from your unwanted items, the less needs to be created later on. 

What Prices Can You Offer Me?

Fulton metals is dedicated to creating a more sustainable future for all of us. We can even help you make some extra cash, too! At Fulton Metals, we will pay you to recycle your old washer. Think of this as an investment, because you can put the extra money into the cost of your new one! When our company buys what you have to offer, it really is a win-win!

To determine how much we can pay you, we follow the below guidelines. Please keep in mind this is standard for all recycling places and services.

  • Size & weight of your washer
  • Cleanliness
  • The daily metal exchange rate (this varies each day).

Fulton Metals offers competitive prices, and we would love to speak with you to answer any further questions! As always, never hesitate to reach out to us via phone, email, or social networks. Let Fulton Metals Recycling be your go-to buyers for your old metal and appliances. 

I’m in! How Do I Get Started?

Now that you’ve decided to recycle your old washer with Fulton Metals search for our locations closest to you. We’re located in the greater Atlanta metro area. Our experienced employees are waiting to answer your calls at our help desk. We are open Monday to Saturday. Monday to Friday, our hours are 8 AM – 4:30 PM, and 9 AM – 1:30 PM on Saturdays. 

We would love to give you more information on buying up your appliances. Keep in mind that we recycle a wide array of metals and take in any scraps you may have lying around! Don’t hesitate, and please reach out today and find the location nearest to you. You can be sure to trust Fulton Metals Recycling!