Fulton Metals Recycling is the best metal recycling center in Atlanta

When you’re looking for iron recycling in Atlanta and you want the best return for your scrap metal recycling, be sure to go to the best scrap yards in the city at Fulton Metals Recycling. Whether you’re looking to get rid of an old bed frame or some scrap iron from your construction site, Fulton Metals are the buyers who will pay you for your iron recycling. Keep reading to see what kind of other metals we are buying up at our scrap yards, or contact Fulton Metals today.

Copper Recycling

From old copper pipes to unused copper wiring, chances are you have a fair amount of copper recycling at your Atlanta area home or office that you don’t need anymore. Get paid for your copper recycling by bringing it into Fulton Metals Recycling.

Aluminum Recycling

Have a bag full of aluminum cans, or some unusable aluminum window frames? Collect all your aluminium recycling into Fulton Metals Recycling and get paid for your unwanted aluminum.  We’ll be paying you the best current price for your scrap metal recycling.

Steel Recycling

One of the most common metals on the planet, steel can be found in homes, worksites, or offices around the world. Drop off your steel recycling at Fulton Metals Recycling, and get paid to get rid of your unwanted steel.

Get your free scrap metal recycling quote

When you need to get rid of your scrap iron, scrap metal, or unwanted electronics, be sure to bring your scrap into our Atlanta scrap yards. Contact Fulton Metals Recycling to schedule your appointment today, and get a free quote for your scrap metal.

Where can I sell my iron waste near me?

Our waste disposal centers are located in the Atlanta, Georgia (GA) metro area, Alpharetta, College Park, and Lithonia. Feel free to visit us at whichever location is more suitable for you. Give us a direct call to inquire about the current price of iron per pound and we will give you an estimate on how much your metal waste is worth.