Recycle old appliances and electronics in Atlanta

With new electronics coming out every year, that mountain of e-waste in your home or office will only get bigger and bigger. Get paid for your electronic waste with recycling services from Fulton Metals Recycling. We offer the best prices for electronic recycling and scrap metals. Keep reading to see some of the electronics we accept at our Atlanta scrap yards, or contact us today.

Cell Phone Recycling

Did you pick up the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy and now you’re looking to get rid of your phone? Do you have a drawer full of old cell phones that no one uses anymore? Get paid for your old cell phones by bringing them to Fulton Metals Recycling.

Laptop Recycling

If you have an old personal computer, or your company needs to get rid of some old technology, Fulton Metals Recycling will take those old laptops off your hands. We’ll even pay you for them as well. Stop by our scrap yards in Atlanta to get your free quote today.

Hard Drive Recycling

Do you have a mountain of hard drives from old computers you don’t even use anymore? Get paid to recycle your old hard drives by bringing them into our Atlanta scrap yards.

Get your free estimate from Fulton Metals Recycling

Want to see what your electronic recycling is worth? Contact Fulton Metals Recycling or bring your electronic waste and scrap metal to our scrap yards and get a free estimate for your metal recycling.