How to Recycle Your Transmission

Gone are the days of sending old cars to the scrap yard. While the process was easy, it was not environmentally sound. But now, automobile recycling is on the rise. Car bodies yield lots of recyclable material, from plastic and glass to steel and rubber. But what about what is under the hood?

Your transmission is the centerpiece of your car, and a lot of recyclable material can be salvaged from one. So please don’t throw your old transmissions in a landfill to get rid of them. Consider recycling instead.

What Benefit Is There To Recycling My Transmission?

For you, the benefit is money. Cars and auto parts are worth some decent cash. Any company that buys metal for recycling and disposal will pay cash for materials. But for the environment, the benefit is priceless. 

Steel is the largest percentage of metal that can be recycled from car parts. Every year, enough steel is recovered from scrapped cars in the US and Canada to produce 13 million new vehicles annually. Melting scrap steel and reusing it saves 80% of the energy as mining and manufacturing iron ore. Each year, recycling cars and car parts saves 85 million barrels of oil. We recycle 90% of a car’s aluminum; this is less than 10% of its weight but can be up to 50% of its recycled value. Around 99% of car batteries are recycled, keeping dangerous corrosive chemicals out of landfills.  

Who Is Fulton Metals?

Fulton Metals is a US-based large-scale metal recycling center in Georgia. We deal primarily in bulk recycling for the construction and demolition industries. We specialize in buying up and recycling pipe and other plumbing materials, electrical waste including cords and wires, HVAC materials, and even by-products from manufacturing, including all kinds of metal scraps and shavings. We have a robust residential recycling program that deals with household appliances and bulk materials. We also recycle the metal in automobiles, including transmissions.

Most of our customers are plumbers, contractors, demolition and construction companies, architects, and more. We have an excellent reputation as buyers of metal and scrap, and we pay competitive prices. 

Where Can I Take My Transmission to Sell Near Me?

We have three locations in the Atlanta, Georgia (GA) metro area, Alpharetta, College Park, and Lithonia. Feel free to visit us at whichever location is more suitable for you. All sites are open six days a week for all of your bulk recycling needs. All you have to do is pick the place nearest to you and give us a call!

What Is The Process For Selling My Transmission?

The process begins when you contact us. We employ expert help desk workers who answer the phones and give you a same-day quote for your transmissions. If they need more information to formulate the quote, they may ask for a picture of your item. In that case, we will communicate with you via text message or email.

Three factors go into how much we will pay for your transmissions. The first is the daily exchange rate for the metals you are selling. This is a variable daily rate, and most places that buy metals for recycling follow these prices. The second is the amount of metal you want to sell. We are a bulk recycler, so the larger the amount, the more we will be paying. The final factor is how clean the item is. We can’t handle chemicals, so all fluids have to be drained and safely disposed of before sale.

Whether you want to recycle an entire automobile or just the parts, give your closest Fulton Metals location a call today.