Water Heater Disposal and Recycling

You’ve replaced your water heater, and now the question becomes what do you do with the old one. Though most places today have regulations covering the proper hauling and disposal of old water heaters, these are pretty straightforward and only require a bit of effort from you. There are several ways to get rid of your old water heater. 

You could ask the plumbing company that installs your new heater to dispose of the old one for you. If the old heater is still in good condition, you can donate it to charity. You can also locate a landfill that will accept water heaters near you and dispose of it there. These three ways may be an additional expense to you. Or you can sell your old heater to a recycling center or a scrap yard. 

Where Can I Take My Old Water Heater?

For over 30 years, Fulton Metals Recycling has been one of Georgia’s leading recycling centers. Our base in Atlanta offers full-service large-scale scrap disposal and recycling solutions for businesses and individuals in Georgia and beyond. From electrical and electronic components, plumbing fixtures, and other metal solid waste, if it’s metal – we’ll buy it. We also a recycling program for household appliances, including old water heaters.

How Do You Calculate the Price for Scrap for Recycling?

Several factors determine the prices for scrap brought in for recycling, and these are similar for all companies that buy scrap metal. The critical factor is the exchange rates for metals, and this changes daily. Additionally, we look also at the type, quantity, and cleanliness of the material.   

How Can I Get the Most for My Water Heater?

Some of the different components that make up a water heater like copper and brass tubing and fittings, the gas regulator, or electric thermostat are valuable, with buyers willing to pay more for these if they are in good working condition. Water heaters are made of aluminum, brass, copper, and steel. The individual metal components are worth much more if you take the time to disassemble and clean the tank yourself. 

Where is Your Nearest Center to Me?

We have three centers in Atlanta. You’ll find our first location off Hembree Road, near Roswell Recycling Center in Alpharetta, GA ,our second location is in College Park off Roosevelt Highway and the third is in Lithonia on Randall Rd. We’re open Monday through Saturday, paying top dollar and buying up and scrapping metal six days a week. We have various sizes of roll-off containers for bulk and industrial recycling clients to handle all your recycling needs. For domestic clients, we can make pickups at a place convenient for you.

To rid yourself of your old water heater, contact our center that’s closest to you. Though no one buys scrap without examining it first, give us a call today, and our staff will immediately provide you with information on our prices for the most common materials. We may ask for more details and pictures to give you a more accurate price. For free expert consultation, contact us today and find solutions to your scrap recycling and disposal needs.