Scrap metal demolition is a large part of any deconstruction process. The bones of most modern buildings are comprised of steel, so when taking down any structure, you’re going to end up with a sizeable pile of scrap metal. Demolition contractors are wise to recycle as much scrap metal as possible since it’s one of the world’s most lucrative salvage materials. Local demolition ordinances often require scrap metal recycling as well.

Demolition is the most basic recycling process, but to ensure it’s performed correctly, you need to partner with a company that has the experience to do the job right. At Fulton Metals Recycling in Atlanta, Georgia (GA), we’ve spent more than 30 years providing a wide range of on-site demolition services, including:

  • Free construction and demolition scrap metal assessment
  • Scrap tracking so you always know the value of your scrap metal
  • On-site gondolas and roll-off boxes to keep your job site clear
  • Comprehensive scrap management for every stage of your job
  • 24-7 access to our experienced site supervisors and scrap metal crews
  • Timely scrap metal pickup to haul away your waste bring money in
  • Competitive, transparent scrap prices that bolster your bottom line

We understand the multitude of issues facing your demolition project. We value your time and realize what you require is seamless support through the entire process. Say goodbye to your scrap management problems, and contact us online or by phone today.