Recycle Your Screen and Get Some Green!

The chances are that you are reading this on some form of a computer monitor, but like all computer components, that monitor will eventually wear out. When a computer monitor ceases to function, what can you do with it? Dumping computer monitors into the trash is not only bad for the environment; in many places, it is illegal.

Fulton Metals Recycling is a full-service recycling center with three locations in Atlanta, Georgia. We can accept any metal, including electronics and computer components. We handle large quantities of scrap and safely dispose of your junk material while paying you top dollar for it.

About Recycling Monitors in Georgia

While Georgia does not currently participate in the electronics take-back program, some computer components (including monitors) require special consideration. We can classify most flat-panel displays and older CRT monitors as hazardous waste due to the specific internals, which can be quite damaging in a landfill.

Proper recycling of these monitors is essential, both for the safety of the environment and the people’s safety. Components such as capacitors can still hold a significant electrical charge for a long time after the monitor is unplugged. Additionally, the presence of lead and other harmful materials and chemicals can also pose a danger.

Proper handling and disposal of these parts should be conducted by professionals who understand how to safely process the components and their internals.

Where Can I Get Rid of My Monitor?

So you can’t throw your monitor in the trash; that may leave you asking, “What am I supposed to do?” While there are many places where you can take your scrap metal and components, not every company can handle every material. In some cases, the closest recycling center may only process one specific metal. You will often spend more time asking Siri: “recycling centers near me” to dispose of it all. This limitation is one example of how the nearest recycling center may not always be the best choice. 

Rather than needing a separate scrap yard for each component, it is far better to have one recycling center handle the entire load. Traveling a slightly longer distance and unloading all your scrap in one location is often preferable to driving to multiple locations.

Fulton Metals Recycling is truly head and shoulders above the rest. Being a full-service large quantity metal recycling center, we can process any metal. If it’s made of metal, we will buy it!

Sell Your Trash and Earn Some Cash

Yes, you read that last line right. We will pay top dollar for your metals. The final price may vary depending on current exchange rates, total quantity, and material cleanliness, but our experts will always quote you the best prices.

Our professional and courteous help desk team can provide instant quotes for your metal. We can also accept photos via text and e-mail to give more details on your material. We love buying up metal, and we will often pay the most for it.

Fulton Metals Buys Without Compromise

We pride ourselves on being the best metal recycling plant in Atlanta, GA. So if you find yourself buried under mountains of metal junk, bring it in today, and turn it into real profit! We are open Monday through Saturday and would love to see what metals you want to sell!

Our metal buyers will give you an accurate, fair quote, so you always know how much you will get for your materials.

With our streamlined intake and payment process, the entire process is a breeze. Whether it’s aluminum, iron, copper, or steel, take your scrap to us, and avoid all the fuss!