Computer and Laptop Recycling at Fulton Metals

It can be hard to find places to recycle or dispose of old computers. Proper disposal of e-waste is essential for recovering precious metals like gold and silver. It’s also crucial for keeping dangerous chemicals like lead out of landfills and scrap yards. Stop holding on to your collection of cell phones, VCRs, DVD players, and out-of-date PCs. At Fulton Metals, we can handle all of your e-waste, including computers, and we pay you for your old devices.

About Fulton Metals

Located in Atlanta, GA, Fulton Metals is a large-scale bulk metal recycling center. We deal mostly with construction and demolition businesses on our high-volume scrap metal recycling side, but our company also does a booming business in buying up and recycling electronic waste. We only handle large quantities of waste, so if you have a lot of computers to get rid of, give us a call.

Why Recycle Electronic Waste?

Laptops and desktops that are broken or out-of-date can just sit in your home or office, taking up space. You’re not supposed to throw them away, but many recycling centers refuse to take them because it can be complicated to dispose of non-metal components and chemicals safely. Thankfully, it’s becoming easier to recycle computers these days.

Did you know that by recycling one million laptops, we can save energy equivalent to what 3,500 US homes use in a year? How about that for every million cell phones we recycle, we can recover 35 thousand pounds of copper, 772 pounds of silver, 75 pounds of gold, and 33 pounds of palladium? Or that manufacturing a computer and monitor takes at least 1.5 tons of water, 48 pounds of chemicals, and 530 pounds of fossil fuels?

It can be overwhelming to think about. But it all boils down to this: recycling computers and other e-waste reduce the toll on our environment. It keeps dangerous and toxic chemicals like lead and mercury out of our landfills and groundwater. Being able to reclaim and reuse metals like gold and silver lessens the burden on the mining and manufacturing industries, which reduces fossil fuel use and emissions. Even the glass and plastic can be recycled, which reduces the need for new production.

Where Can I Take My Computer Near Me?

Fulton Metals has three locations in the Atlanta, Georgia (GA) metro area, Alpharetta, College Park, and Lithonia. We are open six days a week to buy your computers. Simply choose the location nearest to you and call us. Our skilled help desk workers at either location can assist you by providing an immediate estimate for purchasing your computers. If they can’t give you an estimate over the phone, they might ask for a picture so they can evaluate your items. In that case, the communication will be over text message or email.

What Are My Computers Worth?

Prices for electronic waste, like all scrap metal, are given based on several factors. The first is the daily exchange rates for the various metal components. These rates change from day to day, so how much we will be paying will also vary. This is a common practice; any company that buys scrap metal adheres to this policy. We will also base the estimate on how much you’re planning to sell. We are a bulk recycler and only handle large quantities of goods. The last factor we examine is how clean the items are. 

Fulton Metals is pleased to be one of the Atlanta area’s top buyers of scrap metal for recycling. Whether you need to recycle computers, cell phones, or other e-waste, we have you covered. Call the place closest to you today, and get the process started.