Recycling Alternators at Fulton Metals

Alternators work with starters to make your car go. They help supply even more energy than the battery does, but when they fail, they do it spectacularly. If you have old alternators just hanging around, or you own a repair shop and want to get some money for all those replaced alternators, then read on to learn more about alternator recycling at Fulton Metals.

About Fulton Metals

Fulton Metals is a large-scale US-based metal recycling center located in the Atlanta, GA, metro area. We buy metal waste from construction and demolition sites, plumbing, HVAC, electrical waste, and manufacturing byproducts. We also deal with automobiles and their parts. We are accustomed to buying up bulk metal scrap waste for recycling and disposal.

Do You Have a Location Near Me?

We have three locations in the Atlanta, Georgia (GA) metro area, Alpharetta, College Park, and Lithonia. Feel free to visit us at whichever location is more suitable for you. All locations are open six days a week for all of your bulk recycling needs. We offer competitive prices for a variety of metals.

How Do I Get Rid of My Alternators?

When you’re ready to sell your alternators, give the Fulton Metals office nearest to you a call. Both of our places have an experienced help desk staff to answer the phones and your questions. They can assist you in getting the process started, and they can offer you a same-day estimate for the most commonly recycled items. If they need more information, our employees may ask you for a photo of your item. In that case, the communication will happen via email or text message.

How Much Cash Do You Pay For Alternators?

Three factors go into what we pay for alternators and any scrap metal. The first is the daily exchange rates for each metal we’re buying. These rates vary from day to day, so the amount we’re paying also varies. Any company that buys scrap metal for recycling follows the same rates. Second, we want to know how much metal you plan to recycle. We are a bulk processor, so the more metal you have, the more we’ll pay. Third, we look at the cleanliness of your metal. Any fluids or oils need to be drained and safely disposed of.

Why Should I Recycle Alternators?

The question should be, why shouldn’t you? 

Recycling your alternators keeps valuable metals out of our landfills. If that alone isn’t enough, how about the fact that the steel in the casing is the most easily recycled metal on the planet? Steel maintains its composition and its strength forever, no matter how many times it’s recycled.

Recycling in place of mining and processing has a tremendous impact on the environment. Recycling one ton of steel saves 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,400 pounds of coal, and 120 pounds of limestone. Recycling steel can save nearly 74% of the energy used to mine and manufacture it from raw materials. 

Where steel is the most commonly recycled metal, the copper coil inside your old alternators is another story. Buyers of metal scrap love copper because it is a highly sought-after conductor for electricity in all manner of things, from household appliances to cars. And yet, recycled copper supplies only 34% of domestic copper usage. Mining new copper from iron ore and processing it takes so much energy that recycling it saves over 85% of the energy of new production.

Whether you have one alternator or a shed full of them, simply take them to your closest Fulton Metals today. You can get paid, help the environment, and keep your alternators out of the scrap yard!