Fulton Metal Engine Recycling

Fulton Metals Recycling is an American recycling company based in Atlanta, Georgia. We are the leading one-stop-shop large-scale recycling service in Georgia and beyond. We offer environmentally friendly full-service processing and recycling solutions for fabricators, electrical and plumbing contractors, construction companies, municipalities, demolition contractors, and others from our recycling center in Alpharetta.

At Fulton, we recycle all types of waste from electronics, plastic, cardboard, and metal. We buy all scrap metal types, ferrous and non-ferrous, including aluminum, steel, brass, copper, nickel, lead, zinc, and more. We also recycle domestic appliances, insulated or bare aluminum and copper wire, car batteries, catalytic converters, car parts like fenders, doors, radiators, hoods, transmissions, engine blocks, and even whole cars. When you’re looking for places to sell your scrap metal in GA, come to us, we’ll take it. We’re always buying up all things metal!

Engine and Engine Block Recycling

That old engine in your garage may put some change in your pocket. Do you have that old car in your lot whose engine gave out? Do you have an auto project that’s just not going to work out, and whose time for disposal has come? Do you have old engines you want to get rid of? Do you own an auto scrap yard and have engines in your inventory available for disposal? Let us turn your scrap to cash for you!

Engine blocks are made either of cast iron or cast aluminum. The recycling of metals reduces pollution, cuts the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, conserves natural resources, and saves energy. Recycling metal uses up to 95% less energy than new production!

How Does Your Company Set Scrap Prices? 

Several different factors determine how much we pay for scrap engine blocks. The price will depend on the market exchange rate (this figure changes daily) and the quantity of the material you have for disposal. Cleanliness is the final factor. Although Fulton buys all types of scrap, the cleaner the material, the better the price. Buyers don’t mind paying more for clean blocks without transmissions and other fittings still attached to them.

Where Is Your Nearest Location to Me?

We currently have two locations in Atlanta, Georgia. The first is the North Fulton Metals recycling center in Alpharetta, GA. The second is the South Fulton Metals recycling center near College Park. We are open Monday through Saturday, and we are the perfect place for recycling and disposal.

How Can I Get Rid of My Scrap?

We offer roll-off containers of various sizes for clients with industrial recycling needs. We pride ourselves in our prompt service that can have a dumpster on-site within hours of your request. From domestic cleanups to heavy industrial solutions, we’ve got you covered. Additionally, we offer on-site training, brokerage, and logistics services to our clients.

To recycle with us, contact the Fulton Metals center closest to you or call us today. Our dedicated staff is standing by to give you our prices for the most common materials quickly. We may ask you to send images of your materials for a more accurate price. Contact us today for a free consultation and let our expert staff find new uses and solutions for your byproducts!