Selling and Recycling Old Batteries

Wondering where you can take your used batteries for disposal? Not every recycling center will take used batteries, but our company buys them for cash! We love buying up batteries because it saves them from inappropriate disposal at a scrap yard.

We recycle large quantities of batteries at Fulton Metals Recycling because we use specialized processes to ensure that recyclable parts gain another lease on life, and components that cannot be recycled are disposed of safely.

Why Can’t I Get Rid of Batteries in the Trash?

When disposed of in household waste like regular garbage, the hazardous chemicals inside batteries, including acid, lithium, and lead, can leak into the ground and poison water. Not only is that bad for the wildlife, but it means these chemicals can get into our water supply as well.

It’s also not safe to put batteries in with your regular recycling, even though most of this gets sorted by hand. Because of the hazardous chemicals in the cores, batteries also pose a fire risk. Even putting a single battery in with your paper and cardboard is enough to cause a fire that could endanger many people’s lives.

What Is a Battery Made Of?

There are many different types of batteries, but we buy and recycle them all. Alkaline batteries are the kind you can most easily find in your local store. They’re the kind of replaceable batteries found in objects like your tv remote or flashlight. Most of these are non-rechargeable, but you can get rechargeable types called Ni-MH batteries. We can obtain zinc from alkaline battery cores, and from Ni-MH batteries, we can obtain nickel.

Another common type of battery is lithium-ion or Li-ion. These are the most common rechargeable batteries. You can find them in laptops, cellphones, and various other electronic devices. Lithium is a corrosive metal that needs careful handling and disposal. If Li-ion batteries get too hot, they can explode.

Car batteries are so heavy because they contain a lot of lead. Lead is a toxic metal, so it’s essential to dispose of it responsibly. Lead is one of the easiest metals to recycle because it has a relatively low melting point, and the impurities can be skimmed off the top, so it’s an environmentally efficient process. Lead recycling is so easy that more lead is now produced by recycling than by mining.

Where Are the Closest Places That Buy Used Batteries Near Me?

Are you in GA and looking for the nearest place to sell your old batteries? Visit one of our locations in Atlanta, Georgia, and find out how much we are paying for scrap metal and batteries today. We also buy other items such as household appliances and scrap metal from domestic or commercial settings. The price we pay will vary day-to-day due to fluctuating prices, so give us a call when we’re open and talk to our friendly buyers who will be more than happy to help you.