Our scrap metal recycling services

Overview of our copper and metal recycling services

Whether you need to clean up your industrial or construction site, or you just want to get rid of that copper scrap that’s been living in your basement for awhile, the experts at Fulton Metals Recycling are ready to help you. Learn more about our metal recycling services below, or contact one of our Atlanta, Georgia(GA) recycling centers to see how much your scrap metal is worth.

Scrap Metal Recycling

Here at FMR, we accept non-ferrous metals, metal without a magnetic charge, as well ferrous metals, metals that contain iron and are therefore magnetic. Bring in and sell your copper as well as your other unused or unwanted scrap metal, and our experts will give you a fair price for your scrap.

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Electronic Recycling

On top of scrap metal recycling, Fulton Metals also accepts electronic recycling. Bring in your unused electronics or e-waste and FMR will pay you fairly for your electronic scrap. Learn more about what kinds of electronic recycling we can accept by contacting us today.

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Contact us to get information about current pricing

If you have even been looking for buyers who collect old and unusable various metals, you found them. Send us a direct email or call our phone number to get an estimated price per pound for your metal scrap waste.