From the smallest foundries to the largest steelmakers, there’s always going to be a need for recycled scrap metal. That’s because it’s eventually melted down into flat-rolled steel for automobiles, rebar for roadways, structural steel beams for construction, and a wealth of other iron and steel products. Whether your operation needs to procure or sell scrap, the smart move is to partner with a company who has the experience and infrastructure to handle your needs.

Here at Fulton Metals Recycling, the best metal scrap yard in Atlanta, that’s what we do. We purchase and sell ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal at highly competitive prices both domestically and internationally. Scrap is marketed in various regions in North America as well as through brokering the material transactions throughout the world. The competitive advantage we have through our brokerage division is our ability to leverage our client relationships and market knowledge to ensure our clients receive the best value for their scrap metal recycling regardless of their location.

With more than three decades of experience, we’ve developed scrap metal processes that are proven to work. By monitoring domestic and foreign market activity daily, our brokers can provide our clients with real-time competitive quotes utilizing Comex and London Metal Exchange. Our growing network of suppliers includes everyone from small, family-owned recyclers to large global corporations. Not ones to sit on our laurels, we’re continually searching for new sources of scrap metal and scrap substitutes.

Our customers know that through solid growth, integrity and the strongest balance sheet in the business, we always keep our promises. Contact Fulton Metals Recycling to get started today, or learn more about our commercial scrap metal recycling services, like scrap metal recycling, electronic recycling, and our Scrap Cube® Program.

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