Looking for the best waste metal recycling in Atlanta? Fulton Metals Recycling is one of the best scrap recycling companies in the country, offering great prices for scrap metal recycling of all kinds. We specialize in commercial scrap metal recycling and residential scrap metal recycling as well as electronic recycling in Atlanta. If you have mountains of unused construction scrap metal, or you’re tired of staring at that old metal bed frame in your basement, bring all of your metal scrap recycling and e-waste to Fulton Metals Recycling. Keep scrolling to learn why you should choose Fulton Metals Recycling as your go-to metal recycling yard, or contact us today to get a free estimate for your waste metal recycling.

Who Is Fulton Metals Recycling?

When you need scrap metal recycling solutions, Fulton Metals Recycling is the best metal recycling yard in Atlanta. We are a full-service scrap metal and electronic recycling center that accepts all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We offer eco-friendly scrap metal recycling solutions for businesses and individuals. Whether you have copper recycling, aluminum recycling, iron recycling, or just about any other type of scrap metal recycling, the professionals at Fulton Metals can accept it and give you some of the best scrap metal recycling prices around. Whether you’re a company looking to get rid of your unwanted scrap metal, or you’re trying to make room in your home by getting rid of your waste metal recycling, then Fulton Metals Recycling is the metal recycling yard for you.

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals We Accept:

  • Copper recycling
  • Aluminum recycling
  • Iron recycling
  • Steel recycling
  • Brass recycling
  • Nickel recycling
  • Lead recycling
  • Precious metal recycling
  • And more!

Here at Fulton Metals Recycling, we also accept all kinds of electronic recycling and e-waste recycling. From business phones and computers, to cell phones and laptops, we accept a wide variety of electronic recycling solutions for both businesses and individuals alike. We offer fair prices for all e-waste recycling and scrap metal recycling, making sure you’re fairly compensated for your non-ferrous and ferrous metal recycling. No matter what kind of scrap metal Atlanta recycling solutions you need, the experts at Fulton Metals Recycling are ready to help you. Contact Fulton Metals Recycling to set up an appointment today and get a free estimate for your metal scrap recycling.

Full-Service Scrap Metal Recycling

Fulton Metals Recycling understands that scrap metal and e-waste can be both dangerous and difficult to get rid of when you don’t know where to take it. That’s why we offer recycling solutions for everyone in the Atlanta area. Whether you’re a business or you’re just someone looking to get rid of some scrap metal, the experts at Fulton Metals Recycling can help you. Keep reading to see what kind of scrap metal recycling services we can offer you.

Residential Scrap Metal Recycling

Do you have scrap metal recycling or e-waste that you need to get rid of in your Atlanta area home? Here at Fulton Metals Recycling, we accept almost all kinds of metals that you’d find in your home. We accept things like old steel bed frames, scrap metal roofing materials, metal gutters, metal air ducts, tools and tool boxes, cast iron kitchenware, and more. We also accept electronic recycling, including laptops, cellphones, desktop computers, household appliances, video game systems, and more.

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Commercial Scrap Metal Recycling

Have a ton of waste metal recycling you need to get rid of at your Atlanta area company? Fulton Metals Recycling is ready to help you clean up your business or job site with metal scrap recycling in Atlanta. Have construction scrap metal from your job site? Are steel frames and copper wiring getting in the way of your business? Drop off all of your commercial scrap metal recycling here at Fulton Metals Recycling, and get paid for your metal waste recycling today. We also accept e-waste and electronic recycling, helping you clear out old computers, phones, printers, copiers, and more. Get a free estimate for your scrap metal prices today.

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Industrial Scrap Metal Recycling

Here at Fulton Metals Recycling, we know that industrial sites and construction crews have a ton of scrap metal recycling they need to get rid of in a timely manner. That’s why we offer industrial and scrap metal recycling in Atlanta for all types of companies. We can provide roll-off containers of all sizes for all of your industrial recycling and construction recycling needs. Our eco-friendly recycling and waste management services will help make your company even more efficient. Reserve your roll-off container from Fulton Metals Recycling today.

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Scrap Metal We Accept

Sometimes recycling scrap metal can be difficult. Some scrap yards only accept a certain kind of metal, while others don’t want anything to do with your e-waste or electronic recycling. Here at Fulton Metals Recycling, we accept all kinds of metals and electronics. We even pay you for your scrap metal and your e-waste depending on the condition of the scrap, the kind of metal or electronic you’re turning in, and how much scrap or e-waste you’re bringing in. Keep scrolling to learn more about the types of metals we accept here at Fulton Metals Recycling.

Aluminum Recycling

Have a collection of aluminum cans you’ve been collecting? Tired of looking at that big pile of old, unusable window frames? Bring them to your local Atlanta aluminum recycling center at Fulton Metals Recycling. We have some of the best prices for scrap metal and electronic recycling around. Bring us your aluminum recycling today, and get money back for your unused metal scrap recycling.

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Copper Recycling

As one of the best copper recycling centers in Atlanta, we’ll give you fair prices for your copper recycling. Copper wiring, copper pipes, and various household items are just a few of the examples of copper recycling we accept here at Fulton Metals. When you need to get rid of your unused copper, be sure to bring it to the best scrap yard in Atlanta at Fulton Metals Recycling.

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Iron Recycling

There are many common forms of iron that you may not even realize exist. Vehicle parts, appliances like refrigerators and washing machines, farming equipment, and more are all different forms of iron you may find lying around your home or company. If you’re looking for the best Atlanta iron recycling, be sure to go to Fulton Metals Recycling for all of your scrap metal recycling needs.

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Steel Recycling

Like iron, there are many different forms of steel that you may find in your home or business that no longer serve a purpose. Steel hinges, stainless steel appliances and industrial equipment, utensils, and more are all common forms of steel. When you need steel recycling in Atlanta, be sure to go to the best scrap yard around at Fulton Metals Recycling.

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When you’re looking for the best scrap recycling company in Atlanta, look no further than Fulton Metals Recycling. We accept a wide variety of waste metal recycling and electronic recycling, and we offer the best scrap metal prices you’ll find anywhere. We accept walk-ins at our Atlanta scrap yard. When you have scrap metal or e-waste that you need to get rid of, be sure to bring it to  Fulton Metals to get the most for your scrap metal recycling. Contact Fulton Metals Recycling to answer any questions.